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GEARHEADOLOGY - The technical study of all things Mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, engines, machines, metal fabrication, plastics fabrication, and a lot of other FUN Stuff.

GEARHEADOLOGIST - The person who loves to fix, tinker, repair, take apart, weld, glue, fabricate, all things related to Gearheadology. The Gearheadologist is recognizable by the grease, soot, oil, or dirt smeared on their face and/or clothing or under their fingernails. Sometimes the smell alone will identify that they have been making or fixing something.

This website is for those of us who love to build stuff, fabricate stuff, and sometimes sell our stuff. Did you ever build a Tin Man or weld a yard art piece, or make a playpiece for the grandkids and now you are ready to get rid of it to move on to your next project?

We invite all Gearheads or those within a similar realm to submit items for sale and links to learn how to do unusual things with welding, gluing, soldering, brazing, screwing, sawing, nailing, bolting or any creative way of putting stuff together in the gearhead realm.

All items for sale should be submitted with a photo, a price and a contact email. We will respond and let you know the status of your submission. Please inform us immediately if an item is no longer available.

Please submit all items for review to TheBoss@Gearheadology.com and you will be responded to.